About Us
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About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Evantage, Inc, DFW’s leader in new customer acquisition and sales consulting. We are dedicated to helping large companies develop and execute more effective sales and marketing campaigns. We do this by providing a professionally trained face-to-face sales team that can adapt quickly to changes in target market and products. We realize in today’s day and age, telemarketing and direct mail cannot effectively help a company gain and retain their clients. We have proven that a smile and a handshake is a more powerful tool when it comes to acquiring lifelong customers for our clients.


Evantage, inc. was founded in April of 2006 and our first client was a major telecommunications company based in Dallas. We have worked with them ever since, but have also taken on new campaigns and expanded from Dallas to having 21 offices throughout 14 states as of December 2023.  By the end of  2024, we anticipate having 40 locations across the nation.  We currently handle campaigns for well established, blue-chip companies in the following industries: telecommunications, high-speed internet, fiber optics, television and cell phones.

Our Team

As a growth-focused organization, we understand that our people are our greatest asset.


Every manager in our company is a full operating partner, enjoying full profit-sharing, strong corporate benefits and the autonomy that comes with running your own business. As a manager, you are responsible for daily operation of your own office and the development and advancement of a team of 35 to 50 people. The role of a manager ranges from coach of the sales and marketing team to head of human resources to recruiter and team leader. We have a strong philosophy of “lead from the front.” Since every manager in our organization has held every position under them, they are able to coach and lead from experience, allowing open communication among all team members with an emphasis on mutual respect and admiration.

Chris Auwarter was raised in a small town in upstate New York. After graduating from High School as Valedictorian, he was offered several academic and athletic scholarships to play soccer. After listening to his father’s advice to find a career path before beginning college, Chris took a position with a major American automotive manufacturer and was promoted quickly into a Quality Control Management role. After moving to Toronto for them for 6 months, just to see his position downsized, he realized “corporate America” may not be the best fit.


Chris decided to move south to Atlanta, Georgia and took an entry-level outside sales position at a local firm to learn the industry of outside sales and marketing from the ground up.


Chris opened Evantage, Inc in Dallas, Texas on April 10th of 2006 with himself and 5 other people. Chris founded Evantage with the mission to “provide a positive work environment, in which we strive to develop team members both personally and professionally. Also, to have an environment for learning and advancement based on personal initiative, no seniority. Lastly, create a work environment based on honesty and integrity.”


Chris oversees the Headquarters in Dallas as well as coaching and training the other Managing Partners and Junior Partners.


As the front line and face of our organization, our administration and human resource team is the main source of growth for our company. They are responsible for recruiting, sales support, general business administration and office management. As with all position, our administrators start entry level and have to learn field sales and marketing – giving them a full understanding of each aspect of our business. They serve as a source of knowledge, energy and encouragement for our entire staff.

Laura grew up in a small town in central Louisiana, just outside of Alexandria. She graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Merchandising and Consumer Studies. Laura began working with Evantage, Inc. in August 2006 as an entry level sales rep. In 2007 she was promoted to Director of Human Resources and heads up administration and sales support in the Dallas office.


When asked why Laura chose Evantage, Inc. she said, “what I saw was a company that allowed me to grow both personally and professional. I like working with people that keep me motivated and focused.”


Laura’s goals entail being a corporate trainer for all HR staff as Evantage, Inc. expands into new locations. Her responsibilities include handling the day to day office responsibilities with the Dallas office, but also helping work with new administration staff that is hired.


Juwi was born in Kerala, India and moved to the United States with her family in 2006.  She is currently pursuing a major in International Business Degree with a double minor in Economics and Political Science.

Juwi joined Evantage Inc. in September of 2020 in the Account Representative role to further advance in her skills and learn how to work within the corporate business world.  Juwi appreciates the fact that Evantage offers an environment for growth and advancement, lays a foundation for marketing, as well as, recognizes effort and dedication.

Juwi’s goal at Evantage is to provide opportunities for applicants with a strong student mentality and a consistent work ethic to work alongside like-minded individuals.


The role of assistant manager in our company is one of the toughest to obtain and therefore one of the most rewarding. Our assistant managers receive an instant raise of over 60 percent and partial profit sharing. The assistant manager phase of our management training program is designed to prepare you to run your own business as a manager. We teach you everything from business administration and finance to human resources and recruiting, at the same time keeping you as an active team leader and trainer of our sales and marketing team.

Rosa was born in the small town of Tiringueo in Mexico and raised in Dallas, TX. Growing up was a challenge. She was raised in a strict home and had to translate for her parents, which was not easy, but it taught her valuable lessons. She learned to be grateful, how to value things, value life, and respect for her parents. She knew she wanted more out of life, especially for her family. She wanted to fight hard and accomplish more for herself. Some of her life accomplishments are working for everything she has, little help from others and financially being able to care for her family.

She started working at Evantage, Inc in November of 2017 as an Account Representative. She learned how to conduct sales, which she enjoys. Early on, she noticed positive changes in herself, such as communication skills, self-confidence, being solution-oriented, and adaptability.

She enjoys learning and growing. Her passion for learning is competitive, which is one of the reasons she enjoys working at Evantage, Inc. She loves friendly competitions too. For the past two years, her position at Evantage, Inc has been Senior Corporate Trainer.

“I chose Evantage, Inc, because they challenge me personally and professionally to grow into a better version of myself.”

In her free time, Rosa enjoys reading books, meditating, painting, and wine tasting.


Born and raised in the dynamic city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nahom presently is resident of the US for a period spanning seven years and continuing. He is recognized for his qualities of kindness, steadfast support, a robust work ethic, extroverted disposition, and unwavering resilience. Diligence consistently surpasses talent for Nahom. His friends and family draw parallels between his work ethic and an indefatigable machine. Here’s to anticipating numerous more noteworthy adventures and achievements along the extraordinary path known as life.


The role of a corporate trainer is to learn the skills of recruiting, training, and team development. We are focused on developing these individuals on the skills of managing a team vs just yourself. On top of new customer acquisitions, our corporate trainers focus on team leadership, facilitating new hire training, and overseeing Account Representatives.


The focus of the account management position is to develop someone who can “do” into someone who can “teach”. You will learn how to balance roles as a sales and marketing professional, coach, and mentor as well as additional office responsibilities and continued personal development. By providing our account managers with direct one on one mentorship and training, we utilize this position to develop the leadership abilities and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to become a successful assistant manager and managing partner.
Since joining Evantage, he has experienced significant personal and professional growth. He has learned a lot about himself, developed better communication skills, set more ambitious goals, and honed his team management abilities.
His favorite book is Atomic Habits.
He has learned to manage a team and become more patient. His favorite book is “The Four Agreements.” Growing up in Dallas, he enjoys video games and spending time with his family.


The role of an Account Representative involves learning the very basics of our company. We believe in promoting from within, so everyone in Management has started in this role. The big focus in this role is to learn about our clients in the 3 P’s: Price, Product, Promotions. You also learn how to work with customers and our retails partners directly. We want to see a person in this role demonstrate a great student mentality, exhibit professionalism and integrity, as well as learn and apply our basics of the marketing system.