See how Evantage, Inc can help provide solutions and results for your company
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Our Story

Welcome to Evantage, Inc, DFW’s leader in new customer acquisition and sales consulting. We are dedicated to helping large companies develop and execute more effective sales and marketing campaigns. We do this by providing a professionally trained face-to-face sales team that can adapt quickly to changes in target market and products. We realize in today’s day and age, telemarketing and direct mail cannot effectively help a company gain and retain their clients. We have proven that a smile and a handshake is a more powerful tool when it comes to acquiring lifelong customers for our clients.
Evantage, inc. was founded in April of 2006 and our first client was a major telecommunications company based in Dallas. We have worked with them ever since, but have also taken on new campaigns and expanded from Dallas to having 21 offices throughout 14 states as of December 2023.  By the end of  2024, we anticipate having 40 locations across the nation.  We currently handle campaigns for well established, blue-chip companies in the following industries: telecommunications, high-speed internet, fiber optics, television and cell phones.

We take responsibility for your sales plan and execute it.

100% ROI
Very Satisfied Customers
Personal Contact with Customers
Professional Representation
Brand Awareness
Customer Loyalty

Current Openings

Sales Account Representative

The role of an Account Representative involves learning the very basics of our company. We believe in promoting from within, so everyone in Management has started in this role. The big focus in this role is to learn about our clients in the 3 P’s: Price, Product, Promotions. You also learn how to work with customers and our retails partners directly. We want to see a person in this role demonstrate a great student mentality, exhibit professionalism and integrity, as well as learn and apply our basics of the marketing system.

Daily responsibilities: 

  •   Provide the best buying experience for our customers
  •   Handle brand promotions
  •   Educate customers on new promotions, products and services provided by our clients
  •   Handle new customers acquisitions
  •   Deliver sales presentations
  •   Build rapport, customer services


We have fall and summer internships available.

Core Values

Integrity – To us, it goes beyond telling the truth.  It is honoring our commitments to follow through for our clients and people to the best of our ability, regardless of the challenges we face.  Truthfulness and honesty are critical when people able to honor those commitments, so you can be counted on for more in the future.

Positive Attitude – This is more than putting a smile on your face.  We all have worked with someone that brings a challenging attitude, and we know it takes a team to make up for that one person.  We look to work with people who are SOLUTION ORIENTED vs. PROBLEM CONSCIOUS.

WInning – We feel winning is critical in business and life.  This means being able to constantly focus on setting new and challenging goals.  It also means striving to LEVEL UP, and become a better version of yourself on a daily basis.  Of course, hitting results through INTEGRITY, but pushing to get the job done.

Evantage Interview Process:

 Interview 1

30 min with a hiring manager to discuss. Screen to ensure our goals & core values are aligned.

Interview 2
 In office meeting with a corporate trainer

30-45 Minutes  with Sales leader. Discuss day to day responsibilities & opportunities in further detail, as well as benefits & pay structure.

Interview 3
 In office with management

15-20 Minute final wrap up with the manager to answer any final questions.

If offered a position, the candidate would meet in the office to meet the team!