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Why is our form of marketing more effective than others? How are the customers acquired?

Our clients are in the service industry, meaning their profits come from retention, not just sales. While standard forms of media advertisements sell products, they don’t build loyalty. Through our face-to-face sales and marketing approach we build rapport, establish trust, and create personal relationships which pave the way for long-term customers. We have increased profit margins, customer loyalty, and overall market share for our clients.


Our Dallas office is responsible for the states of Texas and Oklahoma. We acquire our customers through daily face-to-face consultants. In addition to client acquisition, we maintain the relationships with our current customers.


How would you define yourself to a new client?

Evantage, Inc. is an expert in sales and marketing. We are a company who represents your brand as we would represent our parent’s company. If you need to increase your market share through face to face sales, we are the company to hire. We will increase your bottom line through our professionally trained sales and marketing team, and give you the edge over your competition. No longer do you have to rely on telemarketing and direct mail, which has lost its luster to reach prospective customers. We can do it with a smile and a handshake. Don’t just take our word for it, our results have helped make DFW a leader in new customer sales for our biggest client already. We have done that by doing that having the industry’s best customer satisfaction rankings as well.


How would you define yourself to a prospective employee?

Evantage, Inc. is a growth oriented sales and marketing firm, who believes in doing business with a handshake and a smile. We go back to the way business used to be done, face to face. We look for people that enjoy not sitting in a cubical processing TPS reports, but would rather work with energetic employees who want to love what they do. We believe that the best companies have the best employees, and we want to work with the best of the best. We pride ourselves in the industry’s best training program and many of our managers had zero to little sales and marketing experience starting off.


What is the company culture like?

As our clients demands keep growing so do we, and that is something to be excited about. We also are very goal oriented, and believe others should be too. Competition makes people better and we want to be the best. Also, we like new ideas, and are open to change. As our business has evolved through the last 9+ years, we have had to adapt to clients needs, and by being open to change, we believe we have become a better company.


I have experience; do I still have to start at the entry-level?

Ever had a boss who had NO IDEA how to do your job, but they tried to tell you anyway? We have, and we don’t want that anywhere in our company. So the answer is a resounding YES. We believe that strong leaders lead from the front. Having served in every position within our management development program, our managers show their people a willingness to get their hands dirty and do the work alongside their team, not just coach from the sidelines. The training program is hard work, but those who succeed end with a strong prize: an equity share in the company as a managing partner.


How quickly can I get promoted?

That depends on you! One of the real distinguishing factors about Evantage is that your success is truly in your hands. Once someone is accepted into our Management Development Program, they begin in the entry level, and all promotions are based entirely on performance. We have seen people move through to management in less than a year and have seen it take up to three. This is a fraction of the time it takes in most seniority-based companies where growth is limited by corporate budgets and bureaucracy. This provides our people with a clear career path without fear for layoff or downsizing.


The economy is a mess! Are you really hiring?

Yes. By guaranteeing our clients 100% return on their marketing dollar, we are able to grow without limits. Because of this, we are always keeping our eyes open for qualified candidates. Please click here to apply.


Is Evantage, Inc. a growing company?

Absolutely! Since opening in April 2006 with five people, we have expanded nationally and will have 40 managing partners by end of 2024. If you are interested in applying, please visit our careers page.


Do I really have to do face to face sales at the entry level and account management positions?

We are conducting face to face business with our customers in our retail stores. We are following local and state guidelines to protect our team, customers, and clients.

Where are you located?

Our corporate headquarters are located at 1800 Preston Park Blvd. Plano, TX.

How are you conducting f2f business?

We are conducting face to face business with our customers in our retail stores. We are following local and state guidelines to protect our team, customers, and clients.

What is the growth potential with Evantage, Inc?

We recently added a new retailer to our portfolio and are looking to bring on additional clients in the next 12-18 months. We currently have unlimited growth potential, as the clients want us in several new cities across the U.S. in 2022.

What does your interview process look like?

For the past five years, we have been doing virtual interviews.  We’ve added additional processes to interview and onboard in person.

Do you have remote or work-from-home positions available?

No, not at this time. Our positions do require you to be in person and face to face.