CEO, Chris, Invited To Speak At National Conference
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CEO, Chris, Invited To Speak At National Conference


CEO, Chris, Invited To Speak At National Conference

Chris recently attended and spoke at the Annual Kick-off Meeting in Charlotte, NC. It was an eventful and exciting meeting, focused on recognizing top performers and organizations, as well as establishing and reaffirming goals for 2017.

We are super proud of all that our team at Evantage, Inc has accomplished over the past year and the fact that our organization was recognized for our outstanding performance at this year’s kick-off meeting. Our organization received recognition based on a stellar year of growth and took home several awards including cash bonuses, totaling over $325,000!

It is through hard work, determination, teamwork and great leadership that we were able to achieve such great accomplishments. We plan to implement the same strategies and tackle this year with relentless execution in order to produce even better results next year!

In fact, the theme of this year’s kick-off meeting was relentless execution. In his speech, President of Evantage, Chris, defined relentless execution as “a promise we make to each other to continue to perform through our intensity and strength.”

            Chris referenced many great points about determination and execution as he spoke:

            “I am sure by now everyone has seen Super Bowl 51.  Some of you guys were even there, right?  Atlanta fans, I do feel sorry, and I was rooting for your team.  You want to talk about relentless execution…What Tom Brady and the Pats did, should be the dictionary definition.

            Also, most of you know I AM NOT at all a Pats Fan (Go Cleveland Browns!), but there was an article I ran across a few months ago, and I even shared it on Facebook.  It was titled “Secrets of the Patriots Way”, and no it wasnt about the best ways to cheat without getting caught. That was called “From Spygate to Deflategate…Tricks Belichick forgot to use when he coached the Cleveland Browns”.

            In this SI article about a new player they brought in, Martellus Bennett, it stated Bill Belichicks rule each new player they brought in had to adhere to.

            Rule 1:  You Only Talk About Winning, Rule 2:  You Only Talk About Winning, Rule 3:  When Gronk goes down, we got his back, Rule 4:  Coach is scary, but dont play scared… or else.

            I wasnt in the locker room or on the sidelines of Super Bowl 51, but I can imagine the only thing people were talking about was getting the next score, executing the offense and defense, and to NEVER give in. Look at those results. The biggest comeback in Super Bowl History.”

chris-auwarter-evantage-incspeakingWhen it comes to performing at your best and truly being relentless, you’ve got to be passionate about what you do. If there’s no passion or drive, you’re going to lose your edge. Chris talked about the correlation between passion and execution at the meeting:

            “Many of you have probably read the book “Relentless”, by Tim Grover.  He covers 3 types of people:  Coolers, Closers and Cleaners. Cleaners arent just the best of the best…they dont settle for legendary, they are ICONIC.  They act on passion, and get emotional about success. They look for the competitive edge… ways to stay ahead.  AND they stay focused on the ultimate goal. It can be hard to do when things are good or bad…to stay focused, there can be lots of distractions out there. That is what this conference is about, being RELENTLESS.”

All of us here at Evantage, Inc are more than excited about the opportunity that we have in front of us to make history with new clients and markets. As long as we have each others backs, work together and execute relentlessly, nothing is going to get in our way.

“Live your life backwards. See what you want and then go after it relentlessly. If we start with the end in mind and have the attitude to go after everything we want, why wouldnt we?  We just need to change our perspective.” -Chris


Want to learn more about our CEO?  Check him out on our Youtube Page.





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