Why It’s Important to Give Back
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Why It’s Important to Give Back

Why It’s Important to Give Back

At Evantage Inc., we love the opportunity to give back.  We recently held a fundraising event for a charity that we hold very near to our hearts, Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a charity that provides surgical care and medical treatment to children and young adults who suffer from facial deformities all across the globe. In addition, Operation Smile provides education and training to medical professionals as well as advocacy for patients and families. We are honored to participate in supporting such an admirable organization.

Evantage Inc. recently hosted a fun charity event at Hidden Cove Park and Marina, and all proceeds went to Operation Smile! We competed in a kickball tournament with a participation fee and other items were available for purchase, as well. We had a great time playing some kickball by the lake, eating great food and enjoying each other’s company, all while raising almost $1,000 for Operation Smile!

Giving back is a really important part of our culture here at Evantage, Inc. We love to give back for the obvious reason of providing a contribution to the greater good, but there are so other many great benefits of being charitable.

1. Giving back brings us closer together as a team. When we are doing something positive that is really going to benefit those who need it, it makes us feel incredible. It’s that kind of happy you can’t get from anything else. When we are raising money for charity, we work hard as a team and we are all in great spirits while we’re doing it.

2. Giving back connects us with our community. When we organize charity events, it provides a great opportunity to get out and about within our surrounding neighborhood and engage with other people and businesses.

3. Giving back builds morale. As we stated earlier, when we do good for others, we feel great. That spirit and excitement begins to build as we plan our events and carries on long after the events are over. That is exactly the kind of culture and atmosphere we want at our office…One of excitement, happiness, togetherness, authenticity, generosity and teamwork.

4. Giving back reminds us to be humble. It’s important to stay grounded and never lose our sense of compassion and ability to genuinely connect with others. In the business of entrepreneurship, one can get swept up in the competitive trek to success and lose their footing. Participating in charity is a very humbling experience and makes you appreciate all that you have.

The team at Evantage Inc. is grateful for every chance we have to give back to our community.  We’re already looking forward to our next fundraising event, and we hope we’ll see you there!

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