Be So Good That You Can’t Be Ignored
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Be So Good That You Can’t Be Ignored

Be So Good That You Can’t Be Ignored

At our recent conference, Chris spoke about being so good….that you can’t be ignored.

We got a peak at his notes and here they are:

Dave Anderson focuses on these things in his book (below are some points and how they relate):  EFFORT, ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, EXCELLENCE…PASSION, ATTITUDE, FOCUS, INTEGRITY

  1. Do your best EVERY DAY (Excellence)
  • EDMED – Not just when you feel like it.  What is EDMED?  Every Day Means Every Day.  Enough said.
  • Become results oriented
  1. Give yourself rest – Mental Focus daily (Energy)
  • Always be prepared, never know when opportunities come, but you’ve gotta be prepared
  • Ensure you perform on peak level
  1. Arrive Early, Stay Late (Effort)
  • Not just showing up physically, but mentally
  • In your spare time – what are you doing to better yourself?  Read books, develop others
  1. Make yourself Irreplaceable (Passion)
  • Act as if, take charge and don’t wait for someone to hand it to you
  • Your reputation matters
  1. Work Smarter AND Harder (Focus)
  • Human nature is to slow down as we get better
  • What Peak Performance Looks like – Talent and Experience
  1. Master the fundamentals  (Excellence)
  • If you can’t teach them, you don’t understand them
  • Be able to be replicated, don’t use your own personality to develop others
  1. You can’t have situational ethics! (Integrity)
  • Million Dollar Decision
  • Great opportunity means great responsibility

Take 30 seconds and write down 2 things you know you want to improve on “things you wish you knew and now do from today.”  – ACT ON IT and START to make changes.

Share with us what those are in the comments!

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